Surge in visitors to Japan attributed to S. Korean tourists

The surge of foreign visitors to Japan in the first half of this year to a record 13.76 million is primarily attributable to a rise in South Korean tourists, particularly those arriving on low-cost carriers.

“More young (South Korean) people are enjoying brief personal trips (to Japan) casually using LCCs,” said Shin Seo Kyung, deputy director of Korea Tourism Organization’s Tokyo office.


Visitors to Japan hit record for May 2017

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is continuing to increase. It hit a new record for the month of May.
The Japan Tourism Organization estimated that nearly 2.3 million foreigners visited in the month. That’s up 21 percent from May last year.South Korea topped the list.


Mount Fuji climbing season begins

The climbing season started on the Yamanashi Prefecture side of Mount Fuji early on Saturday.
Hikers can now trek up to the summit, Japan’s highest peak. The Shizuoka side will open on July 10th. The mountain straddles the 2 prefectures.A traditional ritual to pray for the safety of climbers will take place at a shrine on the mountain’s 5th station later in the day.

Mount Fuji was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013.


Maiko theater Kyoto’s newest tourist attraction

A recently opened theater in Kyoto’s Higashiyama Ward featuring maiko young female entertainers is becoming a popular tourist attraction for visitors from abroad.

At the small theater, launched in late 2016, audiences can enjoy dance performances by maiko and eat and drink with the apprentice female entertainers gaining skills in traditional dance and music, the theater operator said.

Anybody may enter the theater for a fixed charge, according to the operator. It is generally thought to be difficult to see maiko performances in Kyoto as many places offering such shows in Japan’s ancient capital refuse first-time customers.


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